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Town Meeting Minutes – Monday, August 10, 2009

August 10, 2009

Town of Brusly
Brusly, Louisiana

The regular meeting of the Town of Brusly was held this date, August 10, 2009 at the Brusly Town Hall.
Council Member André led the Pledge of Allegiance. A roll call determined the following officials present:

Mayor: Joey Normand
Council Members: Thomas Olinde, Joanne Bourgeois, Landess Hebert,
Shane André, Chris Kershaw
Town Attorney: Jamie Fontenot (substituting for Thomas Acosta Jr.)

A motion to approve the minutes of the Town’s regular meeting of July 13, 2009, was made by Council Member Bourgeois and seconded by Council Member Olinde. Motion passed with a unanimous vote.
Public Works Committee: None

Planning and Zoning Committee:
Mayor Normand read aloud a request for Re-subdivision of Lot 67-A of Live Oak Place Subdivision, Lot 37 of Rodriguez Subdivision and Lot 47 of Hill Subdivision into Lots 67-A-1 and 67-A-2” for Sean Allain located at 3160 Live Oak Drive and opened the Public Hearing. Valerie & John Toups and Donald DeLatin spoke in opposition of the re-subdivision. After some discussion a motion to deny the request was made by Council Member Kershaw; seconded by Council Member André. A roll call vote was had with the following results:
Yeas: Olinde, André, Bourgeois, Kershaw
Nays: None
Abstaining: Hebert
Absent: None
The request for re-subdivision was denied.

Mayor Normand read aloud a request submitted by Charles T. Daigle, Jr. for a side setback variance of seven (7) feet from the east property line of his property at 1001 Blanchard Street to construct an addition to an existing storage building and opened the Public Hearing. Hearing no comments a motion to approve was made by Council Member André; seconded by Council Member Bourgeois. A roll call vote was had with the following results:
Yeas: André, Bourgeois, Hebert, Kershaw, Olinde
Nays: None
Absent: None
The variance request was granted.
Following a comment from Edith Owens, adjoining property owner, a motion to substitute the word “west” for “east” on the Charles T. Daigle variance request was made by Council Member Bourgeois; seconded by Council Member Olinde. The motion passed unanimously.
Finance Committee:
Upon Mayor Normand’s recommendation, a motion to approve signing a contract with American Municipal Services for fine collection services was made by Council Member Bourgeois; seconded by Council Member Olinde.
A roll call vote was had with the following results:
Yeas: Bourgeois, Hebert, Kershaw, Olinde, André
Nays: None
Absent: None
Authorization to sign the contract was granted.

Personnel Committee: None

Recreation Committee: None

Police Committee:
Officer Robertson read aloud Chief Whaley’s recommendation to hire Edward Guidry as a Reserve Police Officer. Council Member Olinde motioned to accept the recommendation; seconded by Council Member Kershaw. The motion passed unanimously.

Governmental Affair Committee:
Council Member Bourgeois commented that applications continue to be submitted for certified Town of Brusly Landmark plaques. These will be reviewed in October.

Consideration of Vetoed Ordinances: None

Hearing and Final Action on Ordinances: None

Introduction of Ordinances: None

Resolutions and Commendations:
Mayor Normand presented Ms. Edith Owens a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of her support and encouragement of efforts to recognize and promote the history of Brusly.

Resolution #9 of 2009-To Discontinue Collection of Ad Valorem Taxes for the Year 2009 was accepted unanimously upon a motion by Council Member Bourgeois with a second by Council Member Olinde.

Fire Department Report:
Asst. Fire Chief Hunts gave the Fire Chief’s report for July. There were nine (9) first aid calls inside the Town and fourteen (14) outside of Town. There were no fire calls inside or outside the Town. There were two (2) odor investigations and two (2) false alarm investigations. There were four (4) trash fires and two (2) motor vehicle fires. There were two motor vehicle crashes and three (3) mutual aid calls. The total calls for the month were thirty eight (38). Total calls year to date are two hundred six (206).

Police Department Report:
Report for the month of July was given by Officer Robertson. There were two (2) wrecks, five (5) bench warrant arrests, one (1) damage to property, three (3) Disturbing the peace, one (1) theft, one (1) burglary, thirteen (13) alarms, thirteen (13) assists to other agencies, one (1) 911 call, two (2) juvenile matters, eleven (11) traffic arrests, forty (40) miscellaneous calls and two (2) domestic calls. For the month’s total, there were 91 calls, 286 citations and 339 violations.
Mayor Normand received a copy of the 2009/2010 Brusly High School Yearbook and showed it to the Council for their review.

Mayor’s Report:
Mayor Normand gave a brief update on the Anita St. Drainage Project. The Mayor announced the discontinuation of the Town selling Sewerage Processing. Mayor Normand will attend a DOTD Meeting to hear the Oak Plaza extension appeal. Mayor Normand, Council Member Bourgeois and Council Member Hebert and his wife attended the Union Baptist 126th Anniversary Celebration.

Remarks of Personal Privilege:
Assistant Fire Chief Hunts asked about dilapidated buildings in Town as they are a fire hazard. Mayor Normand explained that an ordinance to address that is presently being discussed.

Town Hall Closed Sept. 7, 2009, Observing Labor Day
Change of Committee Meeting Date from Monday, Sept. 7, 2009 to Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2009
Auction of Surplus Items, August 22, 2009 at 10:00 AM
Auction Items Available for Viewing August 21, 2009, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Accepting Culvert Program Applications until Sept. 1, 2009

A motion was made by Council Member Olinde to adjourn; seconded by Council Member André. The motion passed with a unanimous vote. The meeting adjourned at 7:16 PM.

_____________________ _________________________
Joey Normand, Mayor Debbie Berthelot, Town Clerk

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