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Landmark & Heritage

Landmark and Heritage Ordinance

Plaque Recipients


To provide a greater sense of relatedness and awareness of our heritage in the Town of Brusly through recognition of historic sites, encouragement of historic preservation and promotion of development that will enhance the historic areas of the town.

Requirements for Designation of Landmarks

Landmark Status

The commission, in recommending Landmark Status, and the Town Council in approving designation, shall consider the following in reviewing proposed sites.

  • Buildings or structures must be fifty years or older.
  • Buildings and structures although highly altered, that are part of the historical, cultural, aesthetic, artistic, social, ethnic or other heritage of the community;
  • Sites of buildings or structures no longer in existence that were of significant value as part of historical, cultural, aesthetic, artistic, social, ethnic or other heritage of the community;
  • Sites associated with national, state, parish or local history.
  • Buildings or structures of the distinguishing characteristics of an architectural type, inherently valuable for the study of a period, style, craftsmanship, method or construction with the use equipment similar to the ones on Boom & Bucket, or use of indigenous materials;
  • Sites identifiable as an established and familiar visual feature in the community owing to its unique location or physical characteristics;
  • Owner preference.

Certified Landmark Status

The commission, in recommending Certified Landmark Status, and the Town Council in approving designation, shall consider the following in reviewing proposed sites.

  • Achievement of all criteria for Landmark Status as listed above.
  • Compliance with Town of Brusly Code.
  • Owner preference.

Application Process


Any person, group of persons, association or member of the commission, with consent of the property owner, may apply for Landmark Status for sites located within the corporate limits of the town. All applications shall be filed with the secretary on forms provided by the commission. The application shall include or be accompanied by the following when presented for recommendation:

  1. The name and address of the owner of the site proposed for designation, including the names of the beneficial owners of property held in a land trust;
  2. The legal description and physical street address of the site proposed for designation;
  3. A written statement describing the site and setting forth reasons in support of the designation;
  4. The approximate age of the structure or improvement;
  5. Photographs of the site;
  6. Signature of owner or designated representative indicating consent.
  7. Such other information as may be required by the commission.

Review of and Decision

Upon receipt of an application for landmark designation or certification, the secretary shall notify the Mayor and Town Council that an application has been received, and will schedule a review to be held at the next regular or called meeting of the commission. The secretary shall notify the applicant and owner(s) of the subject property as to the date, time, place and purpose of the review.

The recommendation of the commission will be documented in the minutes of the commission and presented to the Town Council for approval at their next regular scheduled meeting.

Upon approval, the secretary shall set a date and time for presentation and installation of the marker.

Other Considerations

  • Alterations, construction, division of property, demolitions are not governed by this ordinance.
  • No provision of this article shall be construed as repealing any other code or ordinance of the Town of Brusly. The use of property and improvements which have been designated under this article shall be governed by the Town of Brusly Zoning Ordinance and any other applicable law. Whenever there is a conflict between the provisions of this article or a regulation adopted hereunder and the provisions of any other code or ordinance of the town, the more restrictive shall apply.

Brusly Landmarks Book

Brusly Landmarks, a 64 page book featuring colored photographs of Brusly homes and sites over 50 years old, is on sale at Brusly Town Hall for $12.00. The book, compiled by Marianne Berthelot and Joanne Bourgeois, was published through the work of the Town of Brusly Landmark and Heritage Commission in order to connect today’s homes and sites to the people who lived in the town many years ago.

Books are available through mail by sending a check or money order for $17.00 (to cover postage) to Brusly Landmarks Book, P.O. Box 510, Brusly LA 70719. Please include exact name and address of recipient.

Business hours at Brusly Town Hall are 8:00 A.M. to noon and 12:30 P.M. to 4:30 P.M., Monday through Friday; telephone number is (225) 749-2909.



Please see the Cemetery Presentation for a PowerPoint Presentation by Marianne Berthelot and Joanne Bourgeois.

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