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Town of Brusly Certified Landmark Plaque Recipients – June 14, 2009

Foret Home


  • The façade of this home has changed drastically since the 1950s.
  • The structure of the original cottage can still be distinguished from the more recent additions.

O. J. Songy Home


  • O. J. and Pearl Hidalgo Songy acquired this house in the late 1940s. They resided here with their children until the late 1970s.
  • This was originally a Gwin property.
  • Rodney and Linda Varnell now own and reside in the home.

Mutt Dupuy Home




  • Known as the Dupuy Home, this house, circa 1921 – 1922 was originally owned by Norman “Bee” Dupuy, Sr.
  • It was rebuilt from an older house.
  • Mrs. Dupuy, known as “Mrs. Bee,” resided here until her death. One of her sons, Harold “Mutt” Dupuy, his wife, Margaret Babin Dupuy, and their children resided here with her. After her death, “Mutt” and Margaret obtained the property.
  • They implemented alterations that included screening in the front gallery and the bricking it to just below balustrade height. They later installed metal awnings across the front of the porch and added a garage.
  • “Mutt,” who owned and operated “Mutt’s Bar” across the street, was instrumental in organizing the Brusly Volunteer Fire Department.
  • The home now belongs to Maureen Dupuy Foster, “Mutt” and Margaret’s daughter and has recently had a facelift with the metal awnings replaced, screen on porch removed and a new paint job.

Tante Jeanne’s Home



  • This home was well- known to area residents.
  • Jeanne (LaBauve) Dupuy lived here with her husband and children for many years.
  • She was regarded as a “traiteur” and had many visitors for “treatment”.
  • Richard and Paula Soniat own this home and restored it in keeping with its historical character.

Mrs. Theresa’s Home


  • This house is now owned and occupied by Richard and Paula Soniat and their children. This is a good example of preservation through restoration.
  • Mrs. Therese (Dupuy) Hebert and her children lived in this home next door to her mother’s home when she returned to Brusly. She resided here until her death in the early 1990s.
  • Another well known family that resided in the home prior to Mrs. Theresa was Edward “Putty” LeJeune his wife Daisy and their children, Elodie, Barbara and Gail.

John B. LeJeune Sr. Home



  • This home, located on LeJeune street, was the residence of Jean Baptiste “Mr. John” LeJeune and his wife Leah (Foret) LeJeune.
  • They resided and raised their family here in the first half of the 20th century.
  • The home is presently owned by their daughter Joyce.

John P. Landry Home


  • This turn of the century Victorian home was built by John P. Landry, Sr. a local carpenter for his family.
  • Although there have been some exterior and interior alterations through the years, the front and side galleries retain their ornamental turned colonnades, balustrade and brackets.
  • Mr. Landry built many of the homes in the area. He served as Mayor of Brusly from April 4, 1915 through May 23, 1916.
  • John P. Landry, Jr. and his wife, Marguerite Heck Landry, acquired the home after his parents’ deaths. The Landry family dates back to one of the early Acadian families of this area.

Dan & Ada LeJeune Home




  • This home, on the corner of East Main Street and St. John Street, was built around what was known as the LeJeune family home, a very old home in the area
  • Anthony J. White and his wife, Margaret White, chose to retain the original structure and renovate it to its appearance today. During renovation efforts, they discovered walls made of bousillage, the mud or clay and moss mixture used to fill walls in the late 1700 construction.
  • The small shop to the rear of the home was originally owned and operated by Lloyd Hebert as a barbershop. It later became the Lamb of God, a religious article store owned and operated by Carolyn Dupuy. Anthony White recently purchased the property, using the shop for storage.

Gary Soniat Home


  • This was originally part of the Kirkland property which was a narrow strip that extended from the River Road to the present LA 1 Highway.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Dekle, then Mr. and Mrs. Floyd “Cubbie” Landry later owned the land.
  • The property has been subdivided and sold off in parcels.
  • Gary and Mollie Soniat own and reside in this home today.

Wilfred & Blanche Dupuy Home




  • Wilfred and Blanche Heck Dupuy moved this home to its present location in 1977. The original location on East Main Street was on property that is now used for Morales Grocery parking.
  • Former owners of the home, George and Norma Heck Hebert, and their children, Wiley and Faye, resided in this home at its original location during the 1940s and 1950s.
  • George Hebert was the original owner of the store; Norma worked in the post office inside the store.
  • In addition to the carport, other alterations include bricking a portion of the exterior. The home retains its original style, and has been well maintained and features its original hardwood floors.

Willard Landry Home


  • This home was built by Mr. Willard Landry in the 1930s. Mr. Landry and his wife, Virgie (Lorio) Landry, raised their children here.
  • Virgie and Willard’s grandson, Karey LaBauve and his family own and presently reside in the home.
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