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Town Meeting Minutes – Monday, February 10, 2003

February 10, 2003

Town of Brusly
Brusly, Louisiana

The regular meeting of the Town of Brusly was held this date, February 10, 2003 at 6:30 p.m. at the Brusly Town Hall. Mayor Joey Normand requested a moment of silence in respect for the late Mr. Felix LeBlanc, Chairman of the Board of Appeals, who died in office on January 30; and for the seven Space Shuttle Astronauts, who died just before landing on February 1, 2003. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Council Member Kershaw. A roll call by Town Clerk Jules Lefeaux determined the following present:

Mayor: Joey Normand
Council Members: Daryl Babin, Shane Andre’,
Joanne Bourgeois, Chris Kershaw

Council Member Perrault was absent due to the birth of her grandchild.

Mr. Larry Durbin of the West Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce spoke of the Strategic Plan, several coming events, and new programs in the Parish. He invited all to participate in the Business Expo to be held on February 19, 2003.

Ms. Ladonna Ward of CASA described the Court Appointed Special Advocates program operating in the area to aid children who are in the court system as victims of abuse, called for more volunteers to assist, and outlined the duties of a CASA volunteer.

A motion to approve the minutes of the Town’s Regular Meeting of January 13, 2003, as corrected to include the statistical report of the Fire Chief, was made by Council Member Bourgeois, seconded by Council Member Andre, and passed with no opposing votes.

Mayor Normand led the discussion of the ongoing Culvert Program; it is progressing well with 12 installations completed.

A motion to accept the meeting minutes of the Planning and Zoning Committees, and to include the approval of resubdivision of Tract A, Town of Brusly property, for the new Water Board Building, was made by Council Member Kershaw, seconded by Council Member Babin, and approved with no opposing votes.

A resolution to amend the budget of the Town of Brusly to include $31,000 of income from the COPS Fast Grant was described by Town Clerk Lefeaux; the adjustments also included lowering salary expenses and related accounts due to the Shared Fireman being placed on the Fire Subdistrict No. 2 payroll. Motion to approve was made by Council Member Andre and seconded by Council Member Bourgeois; it passed with no opposition.

A motion to approve an application to enable employees and officials of the Town of Brusly to join the Copo Federal Credit Union, to accommodate their transactions with payroll deductions, and to authorize Mayor Normand to sign the letter of application, was made by Council Member Kershaw, seconded by Council Member Andre’, and passed with all in favor. This employee benefit is available without cost to the Town of Brusly.

A hearing on proposed Ordinance No.1 of 2003 to increase the Sewer User Rates was opened by Mayor Normand. Council Member Kershaw proposed that the document being considered be adjusted to provide for commercial users to pay $35 sewer user fee for the first 1 to 8,000 gallons of metered water, plus $1.25 for each 1,000 gallons over 8,000. Rates for homeowners would rise from a flat rate of $13 per month to $18, and schools would pay a flat $150 per water meter. Council Member Bourgeois advised all present that there was a mandate for the sewer system to operate on a basis where it could repay a debt of $280,000 to the Town of Brusly, which had grown over many past years. Town Clerk Lefeaux advised that sewer rates in Baton Rouge were almost $50 per month. Mayor Normand opened a public hearing on the proposed ordinance, and several citizens gave input on the issues. Mayor Normand closed the public hearing after all interested citizens had spoken. Council Member Kershaw requested that the Town Clerk read the adjusted ordinance, and then made a motion to increase the sewer rates as stated. The motion was seconded by Council Member Andre’, and passed with four favorable votes, as one Council Member was absent.

Council Member Andre’ introduced an ordinance to declare several police radios surplus and sell them.

Council Member Bourgeois introduced an ordinance to declare a 1988 Dodge ¾ ton pickup truck surplus and sell it.

Council Member Kershaw introduced an ordinance to amend the budget to provide for purchasing a new police car.

Mayor Normand addressed the agenda item of initiating a petition to call a special election to determine if the Office of Police Chief should be an elected or a full time appointed position. Since the issue requires about 30 minutes to explain to the average citizen, he advised that not enough time is available to pursue the circulation of a petition, and stated he would remove it from the agenda unless a council member wished to continue the discussion. There were no comments or questions.

The report of the Fire Department was given by Fire Chief Michael Alleman. In January, there were 9 first aid calls in the Town and 19 first aid calls outside the Town. There were 2 fire calls in the Town (one was a trash fire, and the other involved smoke from and undetermined source); and 5 fire calls outside the Town. There were 2 hazardous material calls answered. The total calls for the month of January 2003 was 37. He announced that bids would be opened for the new fire truck at 5:00 pm on February 14. Mayor Normand commented that the transition to operations under the new Policies and Procedures had gone smoothly, and complimented Fire Chief Alleman and Secretary-Treasurer Lefeaux for a job well done.

Chief Emmett Worley gave the Police Department report for the month. He stated that there were 6 wrecks, 4 bench warrant arrests, 2 assaults, 1 discharge of a firearm (by Chief Worley in the line of duty), 1 damages to property, 2 disturbing the peace, 2 thefts, 1 alarm, 4 assistances to another agency, three 911 calls, 14 drug arrests made by the Task Force, 15 traffic arrests, three juvenile matters, and 14 miscellaneous calls, for a total of 72 calls and 322 traffic citations issued. Chief Worley also advised that the arrest of the burglary suspect at Pat’s Restaurant led to the arrest of a second suspect, and solved 8 cases in other jurisdictions.
Mayor Normand gave the Mayor’s report for the month. He also announced that the contract for widening West St. Francis Street at the railroad crossing had been finalized. Mayor Normand also advised that $10,401.00 had been received from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help with the expenses for the recent hurricane and storm; most of the funds will go to Fire Subdistrict No. 2. The Mayor officially proclaimed the Town of Brusly’s support of February 26, 2003 as “Read Across America Day” and encouraged the community to participate. Ms. Lisa Cazes spoke of the program’s benefits, and introduced Mrs. Elaine Strauss, Principal of Brusly Elementary School.

Under Remarks of Personal Privilege, Parish Council Members “Petit” Kershaw and Keith Washington announced completion of the Babytown sewer improvements, which eliminated occasional sewer leakage into the Town.

Mayor Normand announced that the Addis Mardi Gras Parade would start at 11 A.M. on February 23, 2003, and Town Officials would participate. He also advised that a Business Expo sponsored by the West Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce would be held on February 19th, as described by Larry Durbin.

A motion was made by Council Member Kershaw to adjourn, seconded by Council Member Babin. The motion was unopposed. The meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

___________________________ ___________________________
Joey Normand, Mayor Jules Lefeaux, Town Clerk

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