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Legacy Walk, Town of Brusly History

1966 Back Brusly was Annexed into the Corp limits of Brusly

1969 School Desegregation – grades 1 -8 moved to Lukeville campus, grades 5 – 12 remained at Brusly High on River Road

1969 – 1st Elected Chief of Police, L,J. Berthelot
1969 – February, Back Brusly Live Oak Tree enrolled in Louisiana Live Oak Society
1969 – Town Hall on East St. Francis Street dedicated in December

1972 Board of Aldermen with 3 members became Brusly Town Council with 5 members, due to increased population; Robert “Bobby” Purnell became first African American elected

To Board of Aldermen; Addie Morales Crochet became first female elected to Board of Aldermen
1975 – Fire Station constructed and dedicated on St. Francis Street

1978 – February, “new” Brusly High School, Vaughan Drive, opened; River Road campus became Brusly Middle School

1980 – Charles Rodney “Rod” Prejean elected Mayor, served July 1 – December 31, 1988


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