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Ready to rent a bike?

You’ll need to download the Koloni Share app on your mobile device using the links below.

Apple Devices

Google Play Store

Set up an account then search map to find a rental.  Our rental locations are; Alexander park located at the main Entrance along W. St. Francis Street the other location is E. Main St. at Kirkland Dr. (1000 E. Main St. Brusly, La 70719)

After the app is downloaded and an account is set up, you’ll unlock a bike using your phone’s Bluetooth. You will also lock the bike back using that same phone. PLEASE make sure your phone has plenty of battery life prior to starting a rental.

You may rent more than one bike per phone. Keep in mind the renter is responsible to all bikes during the entire rental process. Do not rent bikes for strangers. 

Enjoy your bike ride, once complete return it to the bike hub and lock it. Please DO NOT end your rental until bike is completely in the rack. Your app will let you know if the GPS shows the bike in the rack or not. Rentals that are ended without returning to the bike hub are subject to a fee. Bikes left unlocked in racks are also subject to a fee.

  • Inspect the bike before and after use. Please report something within the app is you see an issue.
  • Ride safely, we suggest staying on the bike paths, or sidewalks and you may use roadways when needed.
  • Park Responsibly, please don’t obstruct sidewalks, levee trails or other passageways.
  • Rent Responsibly, please handle bikes with care. You may ride around the Brusly area. We suggest the Levee Trail along with other town streets and pathways. There are no distance charges, only hourly charge. Remember to return at either bike hub to avoid any extra charges.

Issues? Please report any issues within the Koloni app.

Question?  During Business Hours call Brusly Town Hall at 225-749-2909 After hours reach us in contact section of this site or reach us on Facebook at

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