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Town Meeting Minutes – September 2021

September 13, 2021
Town of Brusly
Brusly, Louisiana

The regular meeting of the Town of Brusly was called to order this date, September 13, 2021, at the Brusly Town Hall, at 6:30 p.m.  Council Member Daigle led the Pledge of Allegiance.   A roll call determined the following officials present:

Mayor                         Scot Rhodes
Council Members:         Rusty Daigle, Joanne Bourgeois, Blake Tassin, Shane André, Don Neisler
Town Attorney:            Thomas Acosta, Jr.
Absent:                         None

Recognitions & Commendations:  None

A motion to approve the minutes of the Town’s regular meeting of August 9, 2021, was made by Council Member Bourgeois; seconded by Council Member Tassin.  Mayor Rhodes opened the floor for public comment.  Hearing no comments, the motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Public Works Committee:
Mayor Rhodes read the Public Works Report, as prepared by Public Works Supervisor Shane Sarradet, for the month of August. There were 9.55 inches of rainfall in the month; no drainage issues were reported; Hurricane Ida produced 1.8 inches of rain; ditches drained properly throughout Town; moderate amount of debris was removed from ditches; repaired several catch basins throughout Town; zero SCADA alarms; 2 “out of compliance” test results on the Sewer Treatment Facility; 1 cost estimate has been received on upgrading S. LaBauve Lift Station, the second will come in this week; cleared low hanging limbs in Courtney Estates, Ory Dr., North & South LaBauve and Live Oak Dr.; Parish canal at its lowest level; repaired potholes in pond road; no personnel incidents or injuries in the Maintenance Department.

Regular bulk trash will be picked up the week of September 13th.  The extra trash pickup will be September 24th.  Mayor Rhodes reported that Republic will be picking up regular bulk trash only; the Parish will be picking up the wood debris from Hurricane Ida on the FEMA contract.

A motion to accept the bid of $24,700 from RCA Construction on the Town Hall Roof replacement (visit this website to know about the roofing company which was given in-charge of this task) was made by Council Member Neisler; seconded by Council Member André.  Mayor Rhodes opened the floor for public comment.  Hearing no comments, the motion passed with a unanimous vote.

A motion to accept the bid of $954,000 from Kelly Construction Group for the St. James Square Park Project and authorize the Mayor to sign appropriate contracts was made by Council Member André; seconded by Council Member Tassin.  A roll call vote was had with the following results:

Yeas:                Neisler, Daigle, Bourgeois, Tassin, André
Nays:                None
Absent:            None

Finance Committee:
Mayor Rhodes noted that the “Budget to Actual Comparison Report” for August, in the meeting packets, is available for Council Members to review.

Planning and Zoning Committee:  None

Personnel Committee:
A discussion followed regarding guidelines for a COVID-19 Leave Policy.  Council Members determined that it would be advisable to form a committee and present guidelines for review at the next Town Meeting.

Recreation Committee:
After a brief discussion a motion to approve funding for the list of WBR Schools items in the recreation budget, eliminating $4,000 for the Hall of Fame Signage, was made by Council Member Bourgeois; seconded by Council Member Neisler.  Mayor Rhodes opened the floor for public comment.  After hearing positive comments from the public, a roll call vote was had with the following results:

Yeas:                Daigle, Bourgeois, Tassin, André, Neisler
Nays:                None
Absent:            None

Police Committee: None

Governmental Affairs Committee:   None

Consideration of Vetoed Ordinances:  None

Introduction of Ordinances:   None

Resolutions:  None

Police Department Report:
Police Department Report for the month of August was given by Assistant Chief Southon.  There  was one (1) assist to other agencies, ten (10) alarms, two (2) animal calls, one (1) assault, one (1) child custody matter, five (5) civil complaints, one (1) damage to property (that can be rectified by the experts from site), one (1) disturbance, three (3) juvenile calls, three (3) medical calls, three (3) no insurance tows, one (1) medical complaint, one (1) property crime, seven (7) public assists, three (3) suspicious persons/vehicles, one (1) theft, twelve (12) traffic accidents, four (4) traffic complaints, one (1) unlock, and one (1) welfare check.  For the month, there were 62 total complaints, 257 total citations and 337 total violations.

Mayor’s Report: 
Mayor Rhodes reported that Town funds received from the American Rescue Plan are being deposited into a separate account for auditing purposes.  The Mayor will meet with Mr. Roy Waguespack, with Owen & White Engineering, to finalize the Sewer Project Grant proposal.  Mayor Rhodes reported that along with the Town Hall roof, the banners on the highway were damaged during Hurricane Ida.  The banners will be replaced.

Remarks of Personal Privilege:
Council Member Bourgeois thanked the Town’s Maintenance Department for erecting the American flags along the highway in time to recognize September 11th.  Mayor Rhodes reported that he had received several phone calls from citizens thanking the Town for flying the flags on September 11th.  Council Member Daigle initiated a discussion about helping citizens with sandbags during rain events; several ideas were discussed.

National Railroad Safety Day will be Tuesday September 21st

A motion was made by Council Member André to adjourn; seconded by Council Member Tassin.  Hearing no comments, the motion passed with a unanimous vote. The meeting adjourned at 7:11 p.m.

/s/Scot Rhodes, Mayor                                       /s/Blaine Rabalais, Town Clerk 

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