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Town Meeting Minutes – November 2017

November 13, 2017
Town of Brusly
Brusly, Louisiana

The regular meeting of the Town of Brusly was held this date, November 13, 2017, at the Brusly Town Hall, at 6:30 p.m. Council Member Neisler led the Pledge of Allegiance.  A roll call determined the following officials present:

Mayor:                           Scot Rhodes
Council Members:       Rusty Daigle, Joanne Bourgeois, Terry Richard, Don Neisler
Town Attorney:            Thomas Acosta, Jr.
Absent:                           Shane Andrè

A motion to approve the minutes of the Town’s regular meeting of October 9, 2017, was made by Council Member Bourgeois and seconded by Council Member Daigle.  Mayor Rhodes opened the floor for public comment.  Hearing no comments, the motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Public Works Committee:
Mayor Rhodes reported, on the new Street Sign Project, citing installation in progress from
North LaBauve at W. Main through intersections near Kirkland Drive.

Mayor Rhodes requested Council authorization for the removal of a dead tree on the Town’s right-of-way along River Oak Dr. at a cost of $1,600. The Council approved the project, having  heard the recommendation by an arborist to remove the tree.

Planning and Zoning Committee:
Mayor Rhodes presented the Preliminary Plat of River Mill Reserve Third Filing – Lots 24 thru 49 Zero Lot Line Residential Development Being Tract “X-4-A-1-A” and Tract “X-4-A-2-A” – Portion of  Additions to Cinclare Plantation, Located in Sections 15 & 16, Township 8 South, Range 12 East, Southeastern Land District, West of the Mississippi River, West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana for Ace Holdings, LLC.  Mr. Jim Tatum of Tatum Engineering, representing Ace Holdings, asked for the Council’s approval of the plat.

Dr. Paul Tschirky, resident of The Gates at the Oak Subdivision, thanked the developers, the Mayor and the Council for listening to and addressing the concerns of the neighboring property owners. Dr. Tschirky then restated his concerns about storm water flooding and the need for a storm water detention area.

Council Member Neisler made a motion to approve the plat with the changes discussed, stating that as it had previously been unanimously recommended by the Planning & Zoning Commission, the plat met all the requirements of the preliminary plat check list according to Town of Brusly Ordinances and the Preliminary Plat met the subdivision regulations according to the Town of Brusly’s engineer and Public Works Director. The motion was seconded by Council Member Bourgeois.

Mayor Rhodes opened the floor for public comments. Hearing no comments, a roll call vote was had with the following results:
Yeas:               Richard, Neisler, Daigle, Bourgeois
Nays:               None
Absent:            Andrè
The motion passed.

Finance Committee:
Mayor Rhodes referred Council Members to review the “Budget to Actual Comparison Report” which accompanied meeting packets.

Personnel Committee:  None

Recreation Committee:
Mayor Rhodes directed Council Members to examine 2 appraisals for the property near Brusly Landing Trailhead, noting that the asking price for the property was $110,000. After some discussion, consensus was reached to research grant opportunities for the purchase of the property.

Police Committee:  None

Governmental Affairs Committee:
Upon recommendation from the Landmark & Heritage Commission, Council Member Bourgeois described the home at 408 E. St. Francis St., the home of the late Albert and Leona Mayeux, built in 1965, as an applicant for a Certified Landmark Plaque. A motion to approve the Landmark was made by Council Member Bourgeois; seconded by Council Member Neisler. Mayor Rhodes opened the floor for public comment.  Hearing no comments, the motion passed unanimously.

Consideration of Vetoed Ordinances:  None

Hearing and Final Action on Ordinances: None

Introduction of Ordinances:
Council Member Richard introduced Ordinance 6 of 2017, Chapter 17.6 (d), to change the speed limit on West St. Francis Street.

Resolutions and Commendations:
Resolution 5 of 2017 to declare surplus items for disposal and to set minimum prices of for sale at public auction was recommended by Mayor Rhodes. A motion to approve was made by Council Member Bourgeois; seconded by Council Member Richard.  The Mayor opened the floor for public comment. Hearing no comments, the motion passed unanimously.

Resolution 6 of 2017 to approve the DEQ Environmental Audit was recommended by Mayor Rhodes. A motion to approve was made by Council Member Neisler; seconded by Council Member Bourgeois.  The Mayor opened the floor for public comment.  Hearing no comments, the motion passed unanimously.

Police Department Report:
Police Department Report for the month of October was given by Asst. Chief Southon. There were five (5) alarms, eight (8) warrant arrests, one (1) assist to other agencies, three (3) battery calls, five (5) civil complaints, seven (7) miscellaneous complaints, two (2) criminal damage to property, two (2) disturbance calls, three (3) drug related calls, three (3) public assists, five (5) vehicle burglaries, 40 no insurance tows,  two (2) suspicious person/vehicle calls, four (4) thefts, one (1) unlock, six (6) traffic complaints, one (1) assault and one (1) indecent behavior.  For the month, there were 105 total complaints, 368 total citations and 555 total violations.

Correspondence:  None

Mayor’s Report:
Mayor Rhodes thanked Council Member Bourgeois for coordinating the well-attended Veteran’s Day Program on November 10th. Mayor Rhodes reported that a maintenance worker had resigned.  The Mayor also announced that there would not be a garbage pickup on Thanksgiving Day.

Remarks of Personal Privilege:
Council Member Bourgeois announced the Veteran’s Day Essay winners as follows:
1st Place – Myla Edwards and Michael Sanchez (tied); 2nd Place – Jada Bernard; 3rd Place – Sophie LeBlanc. All are 10th graders in Ms. Cammie Claytor’s class at Brusly High. She thanked judges Don Neisler, Edward Dupuy and Addie Crochet. Appreciation was also extended to the following persons who contributed to the success of the program: Debbie Berthelot; Mary Neisler, Ruth Landry, Henry Soniat, “Fish” Kershaw; Shane Sarradet and Staff; Jamie Loupe; Danielle Mitchel; Blaine Rabalais, Claudette Purnell, Jim Barnett; and Office Personnel Carlisa Askins and Patricia Thibodaux.

The Town Hall will be closed on November 23rd and 24th in observance of Thanksgiving.
A motion was made by Council Member Richard to adjourn; seconded by Council Member Daigle. Hearing no comments, the motion passed with a unanimous vote. The meeting adjourned at 7:18 PM.

/s/Scot Rhodes, Mayor                                                /s/Blaine Rabalais, Town Clerk

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