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Town Meeting Minutes – Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11, 2006

Town of Brusly
Brusly, Louisiana

The regular meeting of the Town of Brusly was held this date, September 11, 2006, at the Brusly Town Hall. Mayor Joey Normand called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Council Member Rodrigue led the Pledge of Allegiance. A roll call determined the following officials present:

Mayor: Joey Normand
Council Members: David Rodrigue, Ronda Perrault,
Joanne Bourgeois, Chris Kershaw
Absent: Shane Andre’
Town Attorney: Thomas Acosta, Jr.

A motion to approve the minutes of the Town’s Regular Meeting of August 14, 2006 was made by Council Member Bourgeois, and seconded by Council Member Perrault; motion passed with all members present in favor.

Public Works: None

Planning and Zoning: Council Member Bourgeois moved to accept the recommendation of the Planning Commission’s to decline the request of rezoning the rear portion of Lot 3E-A. The motion was seconded by Council Member Rodrigue. A roll call had the following result:

Yeas: Rodrigue, Perrault, Bourgeois, Kershaw
Nays: None
Absent: Andre’

A motion to approve the recommendation of the Planning Commission to subdivide Lot B-1 into Lots B-1-A and B-1-B by Gordon Hebert was made by Council Member Perrault and seconded by Council Member Kershaw. The motion passed with all members in favor.

Council Member Kershaw made a motion to accept the Planning Commission’s recommendation to approve the Final Plat of the Gates at the Oaks first filing. The motion was seconded by Council Member Bourgeois and passed with all members in favor.

Finance Committee: None

Personnel Committee: None

Recreation Committee: None

Police Committee: None

Grant Committee: Wal-Mart Grant was received for $780.00 to fund the cost of making copies of the historical aerial photos.

Consideration of Vetoed Ordinances: None

Hearing and Final Action on Ordinances: None

Introduction of Ordinances: None

Resolutions and Commendations: Council Member Bourgeois made a motion and second by Council Member Rodrigue to allow the Town to purchase 2 Dodge Chargers under state contract from Harvest Sugarland and authorizing the Mayor to transact the purchase. The motion passed with all members in favor.

Fire Department: Fire Chief Mike Alleman gave the Fire Chief’s Report for August. There were 11 first aid calls outside the Town and five first aid calls inside the Town. There were four motor vehicle crashes; one mutual aid call to Port Allen; two mutual aid calls to Addis and two fire calls outside the Town. There was one carbon monoxide response. Total calls for the month were 26 and 193 total calls for the year.

Police Department: Report for the month of August was given by Chief Whaley. He stated that there were 5 wrecks, one assistance to other agencies, 13 traffic arrests, one damages to property, seven disturbing the peace, 5 bench warrants, 3 battery’s, two assaults, nine juvenile matters, and 15 miscellaneous calls. Total of 63 calls and 261 citations for the month.

Chief of Police announce he will have no tolerance for off road vehicles. Chief stated that if anyone is caught riding ATV’s on roadways or on private property will be ticketed and ATV impound. Fire Chief Alleman, Kenny Hunts and Chief Whaley would like to start an educational program for parents and students.

Correspondence: Mayor announced that he received an e-mail from Sandra in Erwinville that wrote how our Town is so clean and fresh looking. He gave thanks to Butch and his men.

Mayor’s Report: Wal-Mart’s Grand opening scheduled for November 7th.
Mayor stated he was appointed to the Central Communication Board.
The Mayor and Council Member Bourgeois attended the dedication of St. Delphine Marker which was well attended by 100 people.
Culvert program has 25 applicants we can take a few more until we order the pipes.

Remarks of Personal Privilege:
A citizen thanked the Brusly Police for letting their appearance be known at the Brusly football game the fans had a good time and felt safe.
Mr. Bob Benoit reported someone was hunting and firing shots behind his house.
Chief Whaley stated that the school had three fights and people are over reacting. The School Board is corporation with the Mayor and Chief of Police.
Council Member Bourgeois and Officer Ned Robertson attended Keep Louisiana Beautiful Conference in Lafayette. Introduction of documentation on the Brusly Middle School Gym asking for school board support to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Mr. Darrell Jones talked about how effective the leaser gun was.
Council Member Kershaw said that anything that is not road legal he would back up Chief Whaley and wanted the people to call him so he could express his concern.

Announcements: Election September 13, 2006 on 13 Amendments

A motion was made by Council Member Perrault to adjourn; seconded by Council Member Kershaw. The motion passed with a unanimous vote; the meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

_____________________ _________________________
Joey Normand, Mayor Debbie Berthelot, Town Clerk

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