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Town Meeting Minutes – Monday, February 26, 2007

February 26, 2007

Town of Brusly
Brusly, Louisiana

A special meeting of the Town of Brusly was held this date, February 26, 2007 at the Brusly Town Hall. Mayor Joey Normand called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m. and requested that all electronic devices be turned off or silenced. Council Member Rodrigue led the Pledge of Allegiance. A roll call determined the following present:
Mayor: Joey Normand
Council Members: Ronda Perrault, David Rodrigue
Joanne Bourgeois, Shane Andre’,
Chris Kershaw
Town Attorney: Thomas Acosta

Chief of Police Jamie Whaley made a recommendation to hire Travis Anderson to replace Officer Fred Smith as the School Resource Officer. Mr. Anderson has been employed as a full-time officer with the Town of Addis for a little less than two years. He is P.O.S.T certified and passed the psychological exam, but will have to take training for the School Resource Officer position this summer. Chief recommended a starting salary of $25,500 annually starting immediately.
Council Member Bourgeois made a motion requesting an Executive Session; seconded by Council Member Perrault. Discussion ensued regarding having a public discussion as opposed to Executive Session. Mr. Anderson stated that he wanted the meeting to remain public.
Council Member Bourgeois voiced her concerns that Mr. Anderson’s application is more than 18 months old and stated that she felt that the position should have been advertised because his application only showed experience as of August 2005.
Chief said he will send him to Plaquemine to train with their School Resource Officer. When he is not at the school he will be in the office or on the road. The SRO class will last a week long and is out of town.
Council Member Andre’ stated that he had spoken with Principal Lemoine and asked how he felt about Mr. Anderson. Principal Lemoine is comfortable with having him as the SRO.
Council Member Perrault asked the Chief why he felt there was no need to advertise. His reply was he felt he has someone qualified and advertising prolongs the process.
Council Member Bourgeois recommended that in the future applications be updated after a year of origin, if the person who applied is still interested in being
considered for employment.
Council Member Kershaw suggested that the motion be contingent upon Mr. Anderson updating his application. Council Member Bourgeois reiterated that if
Mr. Anderson was allowed to update his application, then the position should have been advertised.

A motion was made by Council Member Kershaw to accept the recommendation of Chief Whaley to hire Travis Anderson full-time as the School Resource Officer, contingent upon a new application being filled out; seconded by Council Member Andre. A roll call vote was had with the following result:

Yeas: Rodrigue, Perrault, Andre’, Kershaw
Nays: Bourgeois
Absent: None
The motion passed with four in favor and one against.

Motion to adjourn was made by Council Member Andre’; seconded by Council Member Rodrigue.
The meeting adjourned at 12:25 p.m.

___________________________ _________________________
Joey Normand, Mayor Debbie Berthelot, Town Clerk

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