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Town Meeting Minutes – Monday, February 11, 2008

February 11, 2008

Town of Brusly
Brusly, Louisiana

The regular meeting of the Town of Brusly was held this date, February 11, 2008 at the Brusly Town Hall.
Mayor Joey Normand called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Council Member Kershaw led the Pledge of
Allegiance. A roll call determined the following officials present:
Mayor: Joey Normand
Council Members: David Rodrigue, Ronda Perrault, Joanne Bourgeois,
Shane Andre’, Chris Kershaw
Town Attorney: Thomas Acosta, Jr.
Mayor Normand presented the Town’s Regular Meeting minutes to Council Members. A motion to approve the minutes of January 14, 2008 was made by Council Member Kershaw and seconded by Council Member Andre’; motion passed with a unanimous vote.

A presentation of the Town’s Special Meeting minutes of January 17, 2008 regarding drainage was made by Mayor Normand. Motion to approve minutes was made by Council Member Perrault, seconded by Council Member Rodrigue. Motion passed unanimously.
Public Works Committee: Mayor Normand recommended that the Council authorize him to sign any needed documentation pertaining to the preliminary design and cost estimate for Allene Street drainage project not to exceed $10,000. Motion by Council Member Andre’; seconded by Council Member Bourgeois. Motion passed unanimously. Mayor Normand reported on the sewer system telemetry quotes; he recommend to enter into a contract with Automation Service & Control, Inc. for $15,000 initial cost; $12,500 per year for monitoring. Motion moved by Council Member Bourgeois; seconded by Council Member Perrault. Roll call vote was held; motion passed unanimously.

YEAS: Rodrigue, Perrault, Bourgeois, Andre’, Kershaw
NAYS: None

Planning and Zoning: Request by Kevin Richard for resubdivision of property, Lot 1, Sec. 15, T8S, R12E was favorably recommended by the Planning and Zoning Commission. Motion was made by Council Member Kershaw, seconded by Council Member Andre’, to accept the recommendation of the Planning Commission. Motion passed unanimously. A request by Donald Prejean for variance from 10’ to 3’for purposes of constructing a utility shed was considered, having been favorably recommended by the Planning and Zoning Commission. Motion was made by Council Member Bourgeois to accept the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Commission, seconded by Council Member Rodriguez. Motion passed unanimously. Mayor Normand recommended a design change on River Mill Reserve. Motion by Council Member Perrault to grant the request, seconded by Council Member Andre’. Motion passed unanimously.

Finance Committee: Mayor Normand reported for the month of December, sales tax was budgeted at $80,000; came in at $104,000.

Personnel Committee: None.

Recreation Committee: BHS Wrestling Team set a new record for Division 3 for points scored in the tournament. Out of 14 weight classes they had 13 wrestlers, 11 wrestlers made it to the finals and 9 came out in 1st Place.

Police Committee: Chief Jamie Whaley made a recommendation on hiring a full-time officer for bench warrants and traffic. Officer Shane O’Brien presented figures on the intake of bench warrants and tickets. Over $360,000 of Town income comes from traffic. However, the legislature is considering a law prohibiting a town from receiving more than 20% of their budget from collection on tickets anything over that percentage will go into a special fund. Council Members agreed that until things are finalized by the legislature, hiring a person for the position should be postponed.

Grant Committee: None
Consideration of Vetoed Ordinances: None

Hearing and Final Action on Ordinances: Mayor Normand reported after backing out police salary, benefits and group health insurance the total of the adjustments comes to $82,000; with $1,000 income for Wal-Mart Grant, estimated $30,000 for drainage, professional fees $45,000, police station repairs overall adjustment made for $9,500 more, supplies and expense maintenance $25,000. Mayor Normand opened a public hearing on Ordinance No. 1. No comments were made by the public; hearing was closed. Council Member Kershaw motioned to adopt budget changes as amended; seconded by Council Member Bourgeois. Roll call vote was held, motion passed unanimously.

YEAS: Rodrigue, Perrault, Bourgeois, Andre’, Kershaw
NAYS: None
Introduction of Ordinances: None

Resolutions and Commendations: None

Fire Department: Assistant Fire Chief Kenny Hunts gave the Fire Chief’s Report for January. There were Ten (10) first aid calls inside of Town and fifteen (15) outside of Town. There was One (1) fire inside Town and Two (2) outside of Town. There were Two (2) investigations, Three (3) MVA’s and Three (3) Mutual Aid calls to Addis. Total calls for the month Thirty-Six (36).

Police Department: Report for the month of February was given by Chief Whaley. He stated that there were seven (6) wrecks, One (1) stolen Automobile, three (3) bench warrants arrests, Three (3) battery of Officers, One (1) Damage to property , Two (2) Disturbing the Peace, One (1) Theft at Brusly Middle School, One (1) Burglary at Brusly High School, Two (2) Alarm calls, One (1) Drug arrest, Nineteen (19) Traffic Arrest, Seven (7) Miscellaneous calls, Two (2) loose dogs, (1) Improper Telephone Communication, (2) First Aids. The Total of 57 calls for the month, there were151 citations and 225 violations. Officer O’Brien gave an update on clean up project. The Maintenance Department has a list of places to clean up and will focus on them more after culvert program is completed. Anita Street has one property in appeal court; set for February 21, 2008.

Correspondence: None

Mayor’s Report: Mayor Normand reported that LA Tech reports Brusly’s population at 2,325.
He attended the LMA Mayors Day function. He stated that Brusly has potential to receive funding for the tobacco taxes. Mayor Normand informed the Council that Brusly maps were given out at the office had to be reprinted by the publisher due to his name being printed on the cover; it is against certain guidelines to have his name on the maps, However, new maps will be amended and distributed.

He attended the WBR Parish Litter Forum chaired by Wayne Delapasse; he attended a meeting on the traffic loop. The Mayor also attended elected officials’ reception sponsored by the WBR Chamber of Commerce.

Mayor Normand met with Richard Summers, newly appointed Animal Control for Control Officer for West Baton Rouge Parish.
Remarks of Personal Privilege: Council Member Bourgeois reported that Brusly has been again certified as a Tree City (2007).

Announcements: None

A motion was made by Council Member Andre’ to adjourn; seconded by Council Member Perrault. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Meeting adjourned at 7:18 p.m.

__________________________ ___________________________
Joey Normand, Mayor Debbie Berthelot, Town Clerk

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