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Town Meeting Minutes – Monday, December 13, 2004


December 13, 2004

Town of Brusly
Brusly, Louisiana

The regular meeting of the Town of Brusly was held this date, December 13, 2004 at the Brusly Town Hall. Mayor Joey Normand called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m., and requested that all electronic devices be turned off or silenced. Council Member Andre’ led the Pledge of Allegiance. A roll call by Town Clerk Jules Lefeaux determined the following officials present:

Mayor: Joey Normand
Council Members: Daryl Babin, Shane Andre’,
Ronda Perrault,
Joanne Bourgeois, Chris Kershaw
Town Attorney: Jamie Fontenot

Mayor Normand introduced Mr. Larry Durbin, Executive Director of the West Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce, who in turn introduced Mr. Bradley Tuminello, the Chairman of the Board. Mr. Tuminello gave the Chamber’s report, described excellent business growth in the Parish, and progress in implementing several components of their Strategic Plan: economic development, education, transportation, and land use. The work of Mrs. Deborah Salvadras on the Education Committee was praised by both him and Mayor Normand.

A motion to approve the minutes of the Town’s Regular Meeting of November 8, 2004 was made by Council Member Bourgeois, seconded by Council Member Perrault, and passed with no opposing votes.

Under Public Works, Mayor Normand reported on the Allene Street Extension project. His letter to residents was described, and attached as a part of these Minutes.

Personnel Committee business included the Holiday Schedule for 2005. It has a “floating holiday” instead of a day off for New Year’s Day, and was approved upon motion of Chairman Ronda Perrault and second by Council Member Bourgeois. All Council Members voted in favor of the new schedule.

Council Member Bourgeois reported that Town had a Veterans’ Day Program on November 11th, attended by an overflow crowd; and the Town will participate in the Clean City Contest again. Application was sent in to obtain “Tree City U.S.A.” status for government grants. She attended the dedication of a historical marker for the Morrisonville Community.

Under Grants Committee, Council Member Bourgeois reported that she and Ms. LaTasha Delmore attended a grants seminar in Alexandria on December 1st.

Mayor Normand led the discussion of proposed Ordinance No. 16 of 2004, containing budget adjustments for the General Fund for the current fiscal year. It adds income for grants received, and expenses under those grants. Police Salaries Expense was reduced for the vacant sergeant position. He opened a public hearing and invited citizen input. The public hearing was closed after no comments were heard, and a motion was made by Council Member Kershaw to adopt Ordinance No. 16 with two additions to expenses: $3,500 for lights at Brusly High School for Girls’ Softball, and $10,165 to purchase a vehicle for Town Administration. It was seconded by Council Member Perrault, and passed with a unanimous vote.

Council Member Andre’ introduced an ordinance on the Police Chief’s pay.

Mayor Normand led the discussion of Resolution No. 13 of 2004 concerning the environmental audit report on the sewer system. A motion to approve the Resolution was made by Council Member Bourgeois, seconded by Council Member Perrault, and passed with no opposing votes.

Mayor Normand presented a Certificate of Commendation to Council Member Babin for five years of service to the Town of Brusly, including four years of service as Mayor Pro-Tempore.

The report of the Brusly Volunteer Fire Department was given by Fire Chief Mike Alleman. In November, there were five first aid calls in the Town and 11 first aid calls outside the Town. There were no fire calls in the Town and three fire calls outside the Town. There was one motor vehicle accident that the Fire Department responded to, and one mutual aid call answered. The total calls for the month of November 2004 was 20, and 293 calls for the year. The annual Christmas Parade was held on December 5th.

The Police Department report for the month of November was given by Ms. Gail Alleman, Police Department Clerk. She stated that there was one vicious dog incident, 6 wrecks, 11 bench warrant arrests, one simple battery, one damage to property, five disturbing the peace incidents, two thefts, 5 alarms (all were false), 9 assistances to other agencies, one 911 calls, two domestic calls, three juvenile matters, four traffic arrests, two NSF check cases, and 10 miscellaneous calls, for a total of 63 calls and 120 traffic citations issued for 148 violations.

Correspondence was received from the Lukeville Head Start Program, thanking the Mayor for participating in their program. A thank-you note was received from Ms. Ellen Strauss, for participating in the Arbor Day Program. A letter was received from Shintech, which will be discussed later in the meeting. Cox Communications sent a letter, which was reviewed in committees. Mayor Normand read a letter from Port Allen Mayor Lynn Robertson, thanking officials for their support and friendship while she was in office for 12 years. The Mayor commented that Mayor Robertson had helped him with advice on several matters, since she had good experience.

Mayor Normand gave the Mayor’s report for the month. He attended a meeting of officials regarding the proposed North Loop; it should be beneficial, and will be built in sections. The Mayor thanked Council Member Bourgeois for organizing the Town’s Veterans’ Day Program on November 11th, and Arbor Day function. Using an invitation posted on the Brusly website, a citizen asked if we could have signs for “Front Brusly” and “Back Brusly”. The Maintenance Department is looking into GPS services to map sewer lines and zoning. Mayor Normand attended a recent meeting of officials and reviewed the benefits of boy and girl scouting; statistics show that the programs improve the quality of life for participants. He phoned the Parish Mosquito Control office due to complaints on mosquitoes; they explained that water in cane fields caused the recent population increases, and there were no plans to spray. One can approach the Bed Bug Exterminator San Francisco | BBESF to settle down this issue easily and effectively. The Parish Council is still working on the Land Use Policy, and Mayor Normand attends all meetings on the subject. He also participated in the Lukeville reading program.

Under Remarks of Personal Privilege, David Wise, Plant Manager of Shintech in Plaquemine, LA began a presentation of their plans for possible major expansion of their plant. Many jobs would be created in PVC manufacturing. His parent company is prepared to invest a billion dollars, possibly in Louisiana, as the local Shintech plant is the most profitable, and was built quickly by local contractors. Possible employment would be approximately 2,000 construction jobs, 150 permanent jobs, and 75 contract jobs. The company is also considering locating the new facilities in Texas. Mayor Normand commented that Shintech did what they promised in running a “clean” plant, and he will do everything he can to promote the expansion in WBR Parish. Mr. Wise will hold public forums for citizens to comment. Larry Durbin, Chamber of Commence Executive Director, commended Shintech for good operations. Jeff “Petit” Kershaw of the Parish Council said they were behind the project. He said $1.5 million was approved in Congress for Central Communications, likely due to officials presenting our needs in Washington in a unified manner. Police Clerk Gail Alleman commended the remaining police officers and reservists for their work efforts. Fire Chief Mike Alleman said he enjoyed working with Council Member “Turf” Babin for these five years. Town Clerk Jules Lefeaux commended Mr. Wise of Shintech for running such a wonderful plant, bringing more good jobs into the area, and said he would do what he can to help. Lefeaux then presented the results of the 2005 United Way program for the Town of Brusly employees. Last year, Town officials and employees gave more money per person than any governmental unit in 9 parishes, so he set the goal 3% higher. The employees again exceeded the goal, with one giving a “Super Share” and 10 others giving the “Fair Share” of one hour’s pay per month. Lefeaux commended the Police Department, as 100% of them, including Police Chief-Elect Jamie Whaley, gave their fair shares. Council Member “Turf” Babin thanked the Mayor and his fellow Council Members, the staff, Attorney, and Planning and Zoning Commission Members for their work during his 5-year tenure. He also thanked the Fire Department and Police Department, and their volunteers, as well as all concerned citizens who make Brusly a better place to live.

Mayor Normand announced the Town Hall would be closed December 23rd and 24th in observance of Christmas, but would be open on January 3, 2005. He invited all to a ceremony and reception to “Swear In” Town Officials for 2005-2008, to be held at 6:00 PM on January 2, 2005 in the Town Hall. A motion was made by Council Member Babin to adjourn, seconded by Council Member Andre’. The motion was unopposed. The meeting ended at 7:16 p.m.

/S/ Joey Normand, Mayor /S/ Jules Lefeaux, Town Clerk

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