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Town Meeting Minutes – Monday, April 9, 2007

April 9, 2007

Town of Brusly
Brusly, Louisiana

The regular meeting of the Town of Brusly was held this date, April 9, 2007, at the Brusly Town Hall. Mayor Joey Normand called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Council Member Kershaw led the Pledge of Allegiance. A roll call determined the following officials present:
Mayor: Joey Normand
Council Members: David Rodrigue, Ronda Perrault,
Joanne Bourgeois, Shane Andre’, Chris Kershaw
Town Attorney: Thomas Acosta, Jr.

Mayor Normand requested that Mayor Pro-Temp, Joanne Bourgeois conduct the meeting while he gave a presentation on WBR Central Communications Board proposed tax millage, with the help of Phillip Bourgoyne, Director of Finance for West Baton Rouge Parish. The Mayor gave a brief history of the Communications Emergency System, stating that many persons realized the need for a better emergency system in West Baton Rouge Parish which will be called Central Communications. Central Communications will allow all communication to come into one location and dispatches emergency personnel police, fire department, hazmat, etc. Monies received from Parish entities and grants have helped construct the physical facilities of the Central Communications System. Parish leaders came together to see what it would cost to fund the operations and maintenance of Central Communications and they agreed upon a steady, dedicated revenue in the form of a property tax in the amount of three (3) mils. On May 5th there will be an election for the property tax and the school board teacher tax.
The difference between the emergency system today and Central Communications is that the dispatcher who will answer the phone will be trained to handle all forms of emergencies and make contact with the appropriate emergency personnel. This will shorten response times for all emergencies.
Mr. Bourgoyne explained how much taxpayers should expect to pay with the proposed three (3) mils. Taxpayers whose homes are assessed at $75,000 or less will not see an increase in property taxes. If a home is assessed at $200,000 then the home owner will pay taxes on $125,000 which comes to an additional $15 per year.
There were some comments from the audience speaking their concern about an increase in property taxes.
Fire Chief Alleman mentioned his department has been funding the emergency system for many years and with the proposed tax this will allow him to use the funds for salaries.
The Mayor then took his seat to conduct the meeting.

A motion to approve the minutes of the Town’s Regular Meeting of March 12, 2007 was made by Council Member Perrault and seconded by Council Member Bourgeois; motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Public Works: None

Planning and Zoning: None

Finance Committee: None

Personnel Committee: None

Recreation Committee: None

Police Committee: Chief Whaley informed the Council that the Nuisance Inspector, Brandon Mellieon, could no longer handle the work load for the Town of Brusly; therefore, Chief will post the job opening in the paper and will be accepting applications for an inspector. Chief mentioned his department will be taking care of all grass complaints until this vacancy is filled. He plans to make a recommendation for the position at next month’s meeting.

Grant Committee: Chief Whaley stated that his department received a grant from Homeland Security to purchase radios that are compatible with the new system.
Consideration of Vetoed Ordinances: None

Hearing and Final Action on Ordinances: None
Introduction of Ordinances: None

Resolutions and Commendations: A motion was made by Council Member Andre’ to accept Resolution #2 appointing Mr. Donald Deville CPA as the town’s official auditor for the fiscal year 2006-2007. The motion was seconded by Council Member Kershaw and passed with a unanimous vote.
A proposal by Outstanding Maps to contact local businesses will produce 3,000 maps for the Town at no cost. The Mayor will sign a letter to be issued to local businesses to purchase an ad to cover cost of the maps. Council Member Bourgeois made a motion to authorize the Mayor to contract with Outstanding Maps to construct Town Maps. The motion was seconded by Council Member Perrault and passed with a unanimous vote.

Fire Department: Fire Chief Alleman gave the Fire Chief’s Report for March. There were 13 first aid calls outside the Town and 11 first aid calls inside the Town. There were no fires outside or inside the Town. There were three motor vehicle crashes outside Town and two motor vehicle crashes inside Town; one mutual aid call to Addis and two investigations. Total calls for the month were 35 and 103 calls for the year.

Police Department: Report for the month of March was given by Chief Whaley. He stated that there were eight wrecks, 20 assistance to other agencies, one 911 call, 30 traffic arrests, one alarm, one theft, two battery’s, five damage to property, five bench warrants, and 22 miscellaneous calls. There were five juvenile matters, for a total of 100 calls and 392 citations for the month.

Correspondence: None

Mayor’s Report: The Mayor attended the special Water Board meeting with representatives of Water District # 1 and #2, representing Addis and Brusly. Parish President Peewee Berthelot explained a plan from Shaw development that may result in getting a water well or even a water tower.
The Mayor has contacted the state about the turn lanes and the Main Street intersection asking for someone to check the intersection once again.
He received a letter from Blue Cross Blue Shield stating that there will be no increase in the Town’s health insurance.
The Mayor also commented that the Town will be receiving some materials from the Census Bureau on residents residing in the Town limits. The Town will be able to update the report if any information received is recorded inaccurately.
He signed proclamations for the CASA Day on April 14(Court Appointed Special Advocate) and West Baton Rouge 200th Anniversary declaring March 31st 2007 as West Baton Rouge Bicentennial Anniversary Day.

Remarks of Personal Privilege: A resident in the audience wanted to know if the local water districts would soon merge, but no one could give a definitive answer.

Announcements: The Arbor Day Celebration will be held at Lukeville Upper Elementary School on May 8th at 10 a..m.

Mayor Normand made a request to go into Executive Session to discuss a legal matter. He informed the public that no action would be taken. Council Member Bourgeois made a motion, seconded by Council Member Andre’ to go into Executive Session. Motion passed with a unanimous vote.

A motion was made by Council Bourgeois to end the Executive Session; seconded by Council Member Andre’. Motion passed with a unanimous vote.

A motion was made by Council Member Andre’ to adjourn; seconded by Council Member Perrault. The motion passed with a unanimous vote; the meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.

_____________________ _________________________
Joey Normand, Mayor Debbie Berthelot, Town Clerk

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