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Town Meeting Minutes – Monday, April 14, 2003

April 14, 2003

Town of Brusly
Brusly, Louisiana

The regular meeting of the Town of Brusly was held this date, April 14th, 2003 at 6:30 p.m. at the Brusly Town Hall. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Council Member Bourgeois. A roll call by Town Clerk Jules Lefeaux determined the following officials present:

Mayor: Joey Normand
Council Members: Daryl Babin, Shane Andre’, Ronda Perrault,
Joanne Bourgeois, Chris Kershaw

A motion to approve the minutes of the Town’s Regular Meeting of March 10, 2003 was made by Council Member Babin, seconded by Council Member Andre’ and passed with no opposing votes.

A motion to approve the minutes of the Town’s Special Meeting of March 12, 2003 was made by Council Member Bourgeois, seconded by Council Member Perrault, and passed with no opposing votes.

Council Member Babin reported that the price of culvert pipe had increased upon the letting of a new contract by the Parish of West Baton Rouge. Mayor Normand advised that the possibility of lower prices will be reviewed, and the Town is not bound to use the Parish contract prices if it is not advantageous.

Under Finance Committee business, a motion was made by Council Member Bourgeois and seconded by Council Member Babin, to amend the agenda to move consideration of a resolution to authorize the Mayor to change the Health Insurance Plan provider to Item 9, Resolutions and Commendations. The motion passed with no opposing votes.

Mayor Normand distributed the proposed Budget Schedule and answered questions on the process.

Under Recreation Committee business, Council Member Bourgeois announced that the Town of Brusly had won the competition for the Cleanest City Contest for District 6, Category “B”, despite being judged during a thunderstorm. She also announced that the judging for the State Finals is scheduled for May 1st, and thanked members of the Committee for their efforts: Claudette Purnell, John and Marianne Berthelot, Lillie Mabile, Helen Thibodeaux, Cathy Talbot, Lisa Daggett, and Andrea Normand.

Mayor Normand issued a press release regarding the case of Worley vs. the Town of Brusly, in which the Mayor and Town Council announced there would be no appeal made of Judge Jack Marionneaux’s court decision, even though Town officials strongly disagree with the decision.

Mayor Normand led the discussion of a proposed ordinance to establish sewer rates for nonprofit and governmental organizations. The proposed rate is $18.00 per month in the draft of the ordinance. He opened a public hearing and invited citizen input. The public hearing was closed after no comments were made, and a motion to adopt Ordinance No. 5 of 2003 to charge a rate of $18.00 per month to nonprofit and governmental agencies as stated was made by Council Member Kershaw and seconded by Council Member Perrault; it was adopted with a unanimous vote.

Council Member Perrault introduced an ordinance to prohibit the abandoning of cats and dogs within the Town limits, to be similar to the Parish ordinance.

A resolution to authorize the Mayor to sign necessary documents for a new group health insurance plan for employees and dependents was adopted upon motion by Council Member Babin, and second by Council Member Andre’; it passed with no opposing votes.

A resolution to authorize the Mayor to sign any documents and contracts necessary with Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry to obtain grants for projects beneficial to the residents of Brusly was made by Council Member Bourgeois, and second by Council Member Andre’. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.
The report of the Brusly Volunteer Fire Department was given by Fire Chief Michael Alleman. In January, there were six first aid calls in the Town and 20 first aid calls outside the Town. There were two fire calls in the town and two fire calls outside the Town. There were four mutual aid calls answered. The total calls for the month of February 2003 was 34, and 102 calls for the year.

Police Chief Emmett Worley gave the Police Department report for the month. He stated that there were eight wrecks, two stolen autos (and both were recovered), 11 arrests on bench warrant cases, one assistance with a fire, two DWI arrests, one battery, three assaults, two criminal mischiefs, two damage to property, three disturbing the peace incidents, nine thefts (with four solved), three alarms, six assistances to other agencies, three drug arrests made in Brusly by Brusly Officers, 20 traffic arrests, two domestic calls, and 10 miscellaneous calls, for a total of 91 calls and 220 traffic citations issued. Chief Worley also told of a kidnapping of two children; they were recovered and a suspect was brought to jail.

Mayor Normand gave the Mayor’s report for the month. He announced that on March 20, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center gave out free cancer testing kits at the Town Hall all day long, and 70 to 75 people came. He also announced that he and Don Neisler attended a Transportation Advisory Committee meeting and were advised that the area is rated “severe” non-attainment status for Federal air standards. The cost of gasoline is expected to rise 10 cents per gallon, and there are possible fines for industries. He thanked Council Member Joanne Bourgeois and Mrs. Marianne Berthelot for putting on a yellow ribbon ceremony for service people and their families. Also, there is a vacant position on the Board of Appeals.

Under Remarks of Personal Privilege, Town Clerk Jules Lefeaux advised that letters should be written to State legislators in favor of the LAMP investment program, to continue its beneficial investment programs for municipalities. Council Member Kershaw thanked all members of the Clean City Committee, and especially Council Member Bourgeois for their work in helping Brusly win the District 6 title again; Mayor Normand invited all to see the nice scrapbook that she prepared for the contest. The work of the Maintenance Department was noted.

Mayor Normand announced there will soon be a special Public Works Committee meeting to discuss projects the Council would like to schedule.

A motion was made by Council Member Babin to adjourn, seconded by Council Member Andre’. The motion was unopposed. The meeting ended at 7:02 p.m.

___________________________ ___________________________
Joey Normand, Mayor Jules Lefeaux, Town Clerk

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