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Town Meeting Minutes – March 2020

March 9, 2020
Town of Brusly
Brusly, Louisiana

The regular meeting of the Town of Brusly was called to order this date, March 9, 2020, at the Brusly Town Hall, at 6:30 p.m. Council Member Daigle led the Pledge of Allegiance. A roll call determined the following officials present:
Mayor:                       Scot Rhodes
Council Members:     Rusty Daigle, Joanne Bourgeois, Terry Richard, Shane André, Don Neisler
Town Attorney:          Thomas Acosta, Jr.
Absent:                     None

Recognitions & Commendations: None

A motion to approve the minutes of the Town’s regular meeting of February 10, 2020, as written, was made by Council Member André and seconded by Council Member Bourgeois. Mayor Rhodes opened the floor for public comment. Hearing no comments, the motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Recreation Committee:
Mr. Ken Tipton of Tipton & Associates presented the plan for a park which had been recommended by the Trailhead Property Committee. Committee Members include: Mayor Rhodes; Council Member André; Council Member Bourgeois; Anatole Vincent; Drew Maciasz and Warren LeJeune. Discussion ensued regarding some aspects of the plan; overall, comments were favorable.

Public Works Committee:
Mayor Rhodes read the Public Works Report, as prepared by Public Works Supervisor Shane Sarradet, for the month of February. There were 7.3 inches of rainfall in the month; no drainage issues reported or observed; there were several SCADA alarms due to faulty 3-phase sensor; the street overlay project has been handed over to Owen & White for the bid process; Anita St. water line install has been completed; 2 24” drainage pipes replaced 1 partially collapsed 24” culvert on Anita St.; there were no personnel incidents to report for the Maintenance Department; there were no out of compliance sample test results on the Sewer Treatment Facility.

Regular bulk trash will be picked up the week of March 9, 2020. The extra trash pickup will be Friday, March 27, 2020.

Planning and Zoning Committee:
Mayor Rhodes opened the hearing for the Final Plat of Map Showing Survey & Two Minor Subdivisions of Lots 1 & 2 of the Partition of the Adonis Thibodeaux Heirs Property (A 25.233 Acre Tract of Land) & Lots 23 (0.377 AC.) & 23-A (1.796 AC.) into Lots 22-A-1, OD-1, OD-2, OD-3 & OD-4 located in Sec. 56, T-7-S, R-12-E, Southeast Land District, West of the Mississippi River, Town of Brusly, Parish of West Baton Rouge, State of Louisiana for Oscar Denham.
Mr. Court Bradford, representing Mr. Oscar Denham, presented and explained the Final Plat.
After a brief discussion a motion to approve the plat was made by Council Member Neisler; seconded; by Council Member Daigle. The Mayor opened the floor for public comments. Hearing no comments, the motion passed unanimously.

Finance Committee:
Mayor Rhodes noted that the “Budget to Actual Comparison Report” was included in the meeting packets for Council Members to review.
A discussion was held regarding the pros and cons of contracting LAMATS to collect on the Town’s insurance license fees. No motion was made to authorize the Mayor to sign a contract with LAMATS.
Personnel Committee: None
Police Committee: None

Governmental Affairs Committee:
Mayor Rhodes reported that the Town of Brusly had been designated as a Tree City for 2019 by the Arbor Day Foundation. The Mayor thanked Council Member Bourgeois for heading up the Tree City program. Council Member Bourgeois stated that this was the 15th year that the Town has been designated as a Tree City and recognized Patricia Thibodaux for her efforts in coordinating the yearly reports.

Consideration of Vetoed Ordinances: None
Hearing and Final Action on Ordinances: None
Introduction of Ordinances: None
Resolutions: None

Police Department Report:
Police Department Report for the month of February was given by Lt. Jason Fontenot. There were six (6) alarms, one (1) suspicious person, one (1) possession of stolen things, two (2) unlocks, four (4) miscellaneous complaints, five (5) disturbance calls, one (1) assist to other agencies, fourteen (14) no insurance tows, eight (8) crash reports, fifteen (15) truancy investigations, one (1) criminal damage to property for which you can lawyers defense help against criminal charges, two (2) missing persons, one (1) battery, one (1) theft, one (1) burglary, four (4) medical calls, two (2) physical inspections, one (1) warrant arrest, one (1) public assist and two (2) forgeries. For the month, there were 73 total complaints, 332 total citations and 411 total violations.

Mayor’s Report:
Mayor Rhodes reported that he had attended a Census meeting, stressing how important the Census count is to the Town of Brusly. The Mayor asked for volunteers to help with the Census. Mayor Rhodes attended the victorious BHS Boys Basketball playoff game against Ville Platte, during which he met Mayor Vidrine of Ville Platte. Mayor Rhodes announced that he would be attending meetings to discuss the Coronavirus with parish officials.
Remarks of Personal Privilege:

Census Counts will begin within the next few days.

A motion was made by Council Member André to adjourn; seconded by Council Member Richard. Hearing no comments, the motion passed with a unanimous vote. The meeting adjourned at 7:25 PM.

/s/Scot Rhodes, Mayor                                                    /s/Blaine Rabalais, Town Clerk

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