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Minutes of the Brusly Landmark & Heritage Commission – April 16, 2012

A meeting of the Brusly Landmark and Heritage Commission was held on Monday April 16, 2012, Brusly Town Hall, Brusly, Louisiana.

Chairman Rills called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.

Voting members present: Jim Rills, Margaret Canella, Billy Bourgeois, Sara Grady Rose Jackson.
Voting members absent: Shirley Jordan
Non-Voting Members present: Brian Falcon
Non-voting members absent: Kevin Durbin
Others present: Joanne Bourgeois, Edith Owens

Upon motion of Mrs. Canella seconded by Mrs. Jackson, the minutes of the January 23, 2012 meeting were approved as written.

Landmark Plaque Applications


Mr. Falcon submitted the applications for three structures on St. John the Baptist Catholic Church property. The applications were reviewed by the commission and approved for Certified Landmark status upon a motion of Mrs. Grady. The motion was seconded by Mrs. Canella and carried unanimously.

Mrs. Grady reported that she has contacted owners of houses on Allene Street that qualify for a Landmark Plaque and they showed no interest in participating in the plaque program.

Chairman Rills suggested that a plaque ceremony should be held sometime before July. He suggested that parties involved in the ceremony be consulted prior to setting a date since the church calendar is full at this time of the year and Father Matt Dupré should have some input in order to attend. Members will be notified of the date and time by the secretary.
Ordinance Compliance

1. 116 W. Main St. – Tabled at the last meeting, members felt that some action should be taken on this property. The secretary will draft a letter to the owner requesting that he take action to bring the property back into compliance or forfeit the Certified Landmark Status and return the plaque.
A motion was made by Chairman Rills and seconded by Mr. Bourgeois to take action. Motion carried unanimously.

Plaque Display

Members reviewed a list of three Certified Landmark Properties where plaques have not been displayed:
• 240 W. Main St. (Chad & Calista Daigle)
• 230 LeJeune St. (William Waldrep)
• 137 E. Main St. (Judy Dupuy).
Time elapsed since the Certified Landmark Status was awarded to these properties is over a year and members felt that the owners should be notified to comply with the requirement to display the plaque.

Mrs. Grady made a motion to have the secretary draft a letter requesting owners of the properties contact the Town Hall for plaque installation. Mrs. Canella seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.


The Secretary reminded members that their terms will expire this year and they consider reappointment. Reappointment will be by the Brusly Town Council in December 2012. Election of officers will be held at the January 2013 meeting of the Commission.

Chairman Rills talked about the success of the ceremonies for the 100th Anniversary of Brusly High School and members shared their comments.

Mrs. Bourgeois was asked to place an article in the next town newsletter encouraging owners of qualified properties to seek Certified Landmark Status.
There was no other business to come before the commission. Mrs. Grady made a motion to adjourn. Mrs. Canella seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

The meeting of the Brusly Landmark & Heritage Commission adjourned at 7:10 PM.
/s/ Patricia Gaudet, Secretary

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