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Landmark & Heritage Meeting Minutes

January 23, 2017

A meeting of the Brusly Landmark and Heritage Commission was held on Monday January 23, 2017 Brusly Town Hall, Brusly, Louisiana.

Chairman Rills called the meeting to order at 6:30 P.M. Commission Member Billy Bourgeois led the Pledge of Allegiance. A roll call determined the following:

Commission Chairman:                         Jim Rills
Commission Members Present:           Billy Bourgeois, Sara Grady, Shirley Jordan, Henry Soniat
Commission Members Absent:            Margaret Canella, Rose Jackson
Advisory Members Present:                 Edward Dupuy, Brian Falcon, Billy Hebert
Advisory Members Absent:                  None
Others present:                                       Joanne Bourgeois

Upon motion of Commissioner Bourgeois; seconded by Commissioner Grady, the minutes of the October 17, 2016, meeting were unanimously approved as written.

Chairman Rills welcomed Edward Dupuy, newly-appointed Advisory Member.

Landmark Plaque Applications: None

Former Landmark Site Applications: None

Other Business:
Town Council Member Joanne Bourgeois addressed a slide of a subdivision map dated 1854, showing the area of Front Brusly lost to the Mississippi River during the levee reconstruction project of the early 1930s . Along with the map, a 1914 photograph showed the Brusly Drug Store, in its original location. The second location of the Drug Store has been approved as a Former Landmark Site.

Public Comment:
Advisory Member Brian Falcon suggested the Commission research awarding a Former Landmark Site sign to be displayed at the site of the Brusly River Boat Landing.

A motion was made by Commissioner Grady to adjourn; seconded by Commissioner Bourgeois. The motion passed with a unanimous vote. Commission Chairman Rills adjourned the meeting at 6:52 P.M.

/s/Patricia Gaudet Thibodaux, Secretary

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