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Brusly, LA

Marker Name: Brusly, Louisiana / Oldest Settlement in West Baton Rouge / Village of Brusly Landing Incorporated October 1, 1901
Marker Dedicated: May 11, 2004
Marker Sponsor: The West Baton Rouge Historical Association 2003
Marker Location: Town of Brusly Memorial Plaza; intersection of LA Hwy 1 and St. Francis Street; Brusly, LA 70719
Marker Text: Side #1: Following the 1755 exile from Nova Scotia Acadians & descendants received Spanish land grants and settled the area. Among those arriving in 1785 was Jacques Molaison, who began a business. A settlement grew around his land; the name Brusly Landing evolved as steamboats stopped to pick up locally grown cotton. Today residents and descendants of early settlers call Brusly home.
Side #2: same text but written in French.

Background: The West Baton Rouge (WBR) Historical Association designated special funds to recognize the oldest settlement in our parish. Former Mayor Rod Prejean and Mayor Joey Normand welcomed the crowd. The marker was unveiled by Mayor Normand and WBR Historical Association President Ellis Gauthier. Brusly Councilwoman Joanne Bourgeois read the English side of the marker followed by Brusly High School French teacher, Sylviane Finck, reading the French side. The program was sponsored by the WBR Historical Association and the Town of Brusly.

For more information on Brusly, read Brusly 1901 – 2001 A Place to Call Home; by Pamela Folse, Editor. Available at the West Baton Rouge Parish Library or for purchase at the Town of Brusly City Hall, (225) 749-2909

For more information:

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  • State Historic marker files at the West Baton Rouge Museum
  • Reference files at the West Baton Rouge Museum and Library
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